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ELZ AND THE CULT // Tenth Electric // Concrete Disco // Twin Dive // Hanita Bhambri

ELZ AND THE CULT – The Witching Hour

Off of ELZ AND THE CULT’s sophomore record ‘PSYCHODRAMA’, single ‘The Witching Hour’ delivers in the brooding and darkened skies of emotive retrospection in resistance and banishment in heart. The dark-pop significance in deliberate moods and notes, incorporates select retro-wave and synth etheria, to mold and subjugate. ELZ AND THE CULT stated that the song was inspired by the ‘dynamic atmosphere of Istanbul (Turkey) underground night life.”

Tenth Electric – Remedy

The chorus of TENTH ELECTRIC’s single ‘Remedy’ is outrageous. The electro-rockers comes at us with the pre-chorus that is in the best tradition of alt-rock and the kick-butt main chorus of radio-ready resonance and howl. With their new EP ‘Unshakable’, they’re poised to take on the norm, with tunes that are refreshing and undeniably fascinating. You want to rock out? You have TENTH ELECTRIC at the ready.

Concrete Disco – Turncoat

Off of the new second full length album ‘This Great Future’, CONCRETE DISCO makes it clear that they are here to stay. Making a mark, the trio of Jonny Wharton (Jonny Falls Over), brothers Joe (keys/laptop) and Dom Cusack (drums/samplers), establish meaning and attitude to the engrossing and sizzling industrial-rock single ‘Turncoat’. The magnanimously intuitive arrangements, sully the external critics and makes this fold of the Cosmos, unrelentingly beautiful to listen. The album ‘This Great Future’ is out now.

Twin Dive – Animal

What the heck is going on?? That’s what you feel like when you listen to this massive toned single ‘Animal’ by TWIN DIVE. We call it massive because there’s no pretense here. It’s a direct kick to your Adam’s apple, and while you writhe and choke, the song kicks you more in your inhibitions of your past that you never thought could be relived. The tortured and purposeful riffs, riding on the fabulous roar, the song is just simply, a winner. Refreshing in this new age. Soak it all in, folks. Soak it all in. The band is headed by Robert Jancevich and Ragnar ‘Raggi’ Gudmunds.

Hanita Bhambri – I Tried

“Through the stories narrated in songs – stories that I have connected to ; that have moved me – I have evolved to become the person that I am today,” says Hanita Bhambri. “This is all I aspire to do. I want to give hope to someone who has lost all sense of any. Comfort, warmth. I want to change lives through the stories I am yet to tell. Most of all I want to express myself in the most honest way possible.” And in ‘I Tried’, Hanita’s melancholic and smart lyrical works, influence her footprint and highlight for the rest of us, a better place we can aspire to. Changing the route of life, can be a traumatic experience. Someone needs to believe in you. In ‘I Tried’, she’s your biggest fan. Accept it, and let’s fly.


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