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Emanuel Tägil // Rx27 // Juno Francis // Limón Limón // City Park

Emanuel Tägil – Serenity Now

“I come from a musical background of 80’s synth music, post punk, 90’s norwegian black metal, church music and lo-fi singer songwriter. Important inspirations to me are to name a few: Bill Callahan (Smog), PJ Harvey, Joy Division, Anne Clark and Wovenhand. I released my debut EP, The Countryside Smiles to the Ghosts EP, earlier this year. It’s on Spotify and all of the four songs where released together with a music video each.” Emanuel’s understated power in ‘Serenity Now’ is majestic. It is a song about a party crashing. But unlike any other party. It is the part of our humanity on this blue ball. Expanded Emanuel: “It’s also about a hero called ‘Serenity Now’ who helps cleaning the house, comforting the guy hosting the party…The party is not only young people drinking, it’s also the environment and the political climate in the world. The world crashing is depicted in many abstract ways throughout the song which takes an almost post apocalyptic sci-fi turn.” WOW. You can’t help but just open your mouth in awe. For Emanuel’s mind works in another dimension. It reveals then helps digest the things that happen in a macro sensibility, while collapsing it down to a breadth of understanding that is local and personal. The talented artist paints with colorful brush that is in the best traditions of bands and artist such as David Bowie, Morrissey, The Hives. See Emanuel’s amazing mind working next @ Hakelverket Kök och Bar, Gothenburg Sweden, October 29th.

Rx27 – Gasoline

Goth art punk band Rx27 debut single ‘Gasoline’ is as much as a mystery as the band itself. Dark songs for dark times. Gasoline is about raging for the light hand in hand with your ride or die. Love is all about Risk and reward.Fear over faith. “Who or what is dying? You, or all your hopes and dreams? Sometimes life feels like a game of Russian Roulette. One wrong move and its over or you have to live with the consequences of your choices. Or the choices of others. Between the Government, the Opioid epidemic social media and school shootings, its better to live like there is no tomorrow.” Pounding bass provided by Thad Coleman and keyboards by producer punk legend Paul Roessler keeps us rockin’ while the drums provided by Melanie Jo kicks in. Vocalist Joie Blaney Singing or screaming “I don’t think much about the limits I don’t want much of what their giving. Sounds to me he got fucked over too many times..” A couple of bars in Rx27 lady in waiting who waits for no one MisMaxine Murrderr joins Joie matching note for note scream for scream “tore myself to pieces rip my soul in two.” What a cacophony of sounds. And it feels so good.

Juno Francis – So High

“Dramatic nights on the favorite club in Berlin, romantic walks in NYC, jealousy and beautiful moments. Until this day this story has been a tale for a few chosen ones, now it’s time to tell the world…” They are a Berlin based duo, originally from Sweden playing a mix between dreamy 60’s psychedelic and cheesy 80’s sounds. And oh how they melt the walls of reminiscing like there’s no tomorrow. Subtle shine of shimmer, deliberate in conjunction with the weather in a romance of touch and gaze. A life filled with adventure, romance and mystical signs carved this feminine creature into a passionate being, floating towards you in an irresistible way.

Limón Limón – Wasting Time

‘Wasting Time’ recalls the endless longing of a one-sided relationship and the vanity of imagining a future together. It’s the third single from our debut EP coming out in November. Our band Limón Limón is a fresh perspective on feel good west-coast music with the unique feelings of live instruments, inventive lyrics, and layered vintage and digital synths.” Future Indie duo Limón Limón seamlessly fuses the air that we breathe with the wit and gumption that their music brings to the fore. A tease of pop, r&b, tropical vibes culminate in a tinge of reggae in ‘Wasting Time’ to help you smile and feel good. Their captivating sound weaves together the expressive and unique feelings of live instruments with inventive lyrics, and layered vintage and digital synths. Limón Limón is Jason and Rand.

City Park – Getaway

Amsterdam based duo City Park return with sleek R&B crossover ‘Getaway’, announcing the arrival of a new EP in early 2020. Sjaak and artist/producer Saux have been following in the footsteps of indie bedroom-pop artists before them, racking up impressive streams. With pulsing beats and guitar that caresses, the funky-disco offering gives a beautifully laid out plan for love’s conquest and revelations. Relative in mind and never defeated, the project has been on a roll with absolute singles of sultry expertise, all tinged in the light of gorgeous rays of sunshine and positivity. The beauty is in the eye of the beholder. In City Park’s case, we all can agree to the utterly gorgeous presentation of ‘Getaway’. A tradition of new and the old, combining to find, solace in musical excellence.


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