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Emerson Leif – Wake Up With You

Australian artist Emerson Leif has appeared on a few hugely successful singles with Golden Vessel (Hesitate, Shoulders, Daylight & Highway), as well as a track called ‘Say Nothing’ by MUTO. He comes this time around with his latest single, ‘Wake Up With You’, which also comes with word of his upcoming debut EP. Said Emerson: “‘Wake Up With You’ is an expression of how life-giving a significant person’s presence in your day can be. To reach out from a dreamscape of sleep and feel the touch of a familiar hand. The seemingly simple experience of waking up next to someone that ‘just gets you’ is in itself both cathartic and regenerative.” The track highlights a period of time whereby Leif endured loneliness after the hustle and grind of daily work, and how he wished for nothing more than to share these moments with someone special which is something we can all relate to at some point in our lives. A soothing groove of love and angst, hidden inside each slide of notes and vibes, ‘Wake Up With You’ is a point of making things a bit more special, than you’d thought possible. One step, two step, never gonna give you up – the attitude unto which we can thrive – together – hand in hand.

Harrison Storm – You & I

Classically-inspired fingerpicking and a soulful vocal delivery resonate of alternative, folk and bluesy vibes from Harrison Storm. His latest single ‘You & I’ deliver in that promise of mixology and decadent alt-pop continuance. The vast collage of Universes live within the hexagonal glitter of Harrison’s vocals, where pension for the diabolically beautiful, is lost and won, with glances of her blue-gray eyes. With emotional honesty and sharply observed lyrics, Harrison shares a sober reflection of love and loss with this single. After having wrapped a headline tour with sold out shows across the UK, Europe and Australia. See Harrison @ Ingensteds, in Oslo Norway on October 21st.

Sätilä – Like You Do

Finnish born, London based artist Sätilä (Teemu Sätilä) combines a fresh fusion of infectious alternative/indie music with rich pop soundscapes. “When I was a kid I listened to a lot of mainstream pop and as a teenager I got into alternative and indie rock. I feel like that has shaped me more than I thought it did. I know people say indie rock has had its moment but I’m just not sure. It still makes me feel. I think there is room for all sorts of music so why restrict people’s expression just because it’s not a trend and if it still makes people feel something”. ‘Like You Do’ is built around the vibes of love and all of its promises and potentials. The effervescent tidings, relinquish the trepidations and radiates with the warmth of a thousand suns. “I hope my music inspires people to live their life to the fullest. Make the change you need to make whether that’s circumstance or your attitude. Make the dream a reality. Love yourself and others. Make every situation better when you come around”. This single is a charmer. And there’s nothing you can deny about that.

M.I.L.K – Summer Freckles

The latest track from highly anticipated debut album (due for release in 2020) comes ‘Summer Freckles’. It’ll will keep the summer vibes alive as the colder months draw in. Emil Wilk said “The song is a smile on the days of summer. It’s the first sip of a dry martini. It’s memories you don’t want to forget. It’s an urge to jump into your car with someone special. It’s the nostalgia you feel when you realize that the joy of this very moment is gonna fade away. It’s a song about a radiant summer day spent with a summer freckled girl.” The song Emil added: ” Is inspired equally by Lou Reed’s ‘Perfect Day’ and the undeniable grooves of Chic.” What a combo eh? The Copenhagen native, comes with fresh takes on classic phenomenas, delegating the obvious, to make it his own truth in musical production. Bouncy and dancey, ‘Summer Freckles’ will make you think of that one and only’s beauty marks, a bit longer than winter becomes a party pooper. Well, at least until the Holidays =D

joan – ease your mind

Little Rock, Arkansas duo joan are capturing hearts nationwide, with lyrics that’ll tug on your heartstrings wrapped seamlessly in 80s inspired synthwave beats. And that is for sure. The past year has been an incredible one for joan with the release of a highly anticipated debut EP, portra, last fall, which has already been streamed well over 25M+ times, as well as major US and international tours with the likes of The Aces, MisterWives, Bloc Party and Jeremy Zucker. Alan Thomas and Steven Rutherford make up this project, joan. ‘Ease Your Mind’Infectious. Seamless. Shuttering. A deluge of beautiful illusions, with a focus in only handling your attraction with the ultimate caress. The Little Rock, Arkansas duo, continues to draw. Drawing fans, beating personal inhibitions, while offering the songs that make a night in the town, as refreshing and poignant as her delicate and wonderful kiss on your lips. 2020 will be a year of more and more for joan, with new tour dates to conquer and more fans to please. Oh heck yea.


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