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EMIAH // Le Boeuf // Jason Leech // Jaybox & Bypast // The Guidance

EMIAH – Siren (Panuma, Tokyo Project)

‘Siren’ is a song “inspired by the greek mythological creature of sirens who would lure sailors to shipwreck”. A trapped relationship and two lovers, in a death spiral of unbalanced power and influence for only one. A final decent in depression, and ever hardening shackles, you shout out at the top of your lungs. Will they hear? Sometimes, no one will hear.

Le Boeuf – More Of You

”More of You was a really cool collaboration with a songwriter out of New York, Matt Lukasiewicz and I. We wrote it completely remotely, having never even met in person before, but it was a lot of fun just bouncing ideas off of each other from across the ocean. He comes from the singer-songwriter realm and I come from the electronic house world, so this song was a coming together of worlds in multiple ways. I think a lot of people will be able to relate to this track, and hopefully they’ll be able to do a little dancing too.” We see this kind of collaboration more and more. Makes sense. And what else makes sense? ‘More Of You’. Classic dance/house blend that just makes you feel good.

Jason Leech – Serenade

JASON LEECH is the real name of project JASON LEECH. And in this EDM driven alt-electronica blend, he goes over his 3rd single for the public to absorb. Jason is a keyboardist/producer who performs piano and synths over a different variety of electronic beats. The cohesive experimentation of his latest ‘Serenade’ is nothing like a serenade, but like the gentle pull of the exploding snap-crackle-pop of those sweets, you used to eat when you were younger. Colorful and bright, with a tinge of subtlety, ‘Serenade’ is a good continuation of his musical wares.

Jaybox & Bypast – Hitman

JAYBOX and BYPAST join again in another single ‘Hitman’. Releasing through Madox Records out of Germany, the two producers give us another great reason to trance our nights away. Fitting perfectly to any energetic project you’re into, ‘Hitman’ is aggressive and many times a giant, with throw-down dirty bass, gapping glitch, and sublimating highs and lows. It’s just a good ol’ time at the dance floor.

The Guidance – She Likes the Dance Music

The Guidance’s (Stefan Pruett) single ‘She Likes The Dance Music’ is remixed by Tommie Sunshine & Slatin. The hardcore trance-house mix is a talk on talk vision of spectrum in down bass, with upper vocal piercings. The taunting vibe is sexy as it’s the perfect companion for the ‘runway’ in your life. The song is distributed by Tommie Sunshine’s Brooklyn Fire Recordings, and it references pop-cultural milestones, such as ‘Spotify EDM Playlist’, Utah Saints and, Quadrophonia.


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