Emili ‘Nothing’ : Beginnings of a journey, which will afford her a deeper dig into her soul.


“In this fast-paced world, it’s crazy how we don’t know how to enjoy ourselves and just do nothing for a bit,” said effervescent Emili. “I’m constantly finding myself incredibly stressed if I’m not busy all day long. This song is about trying to take a breath and do nothing but also that internal turmoil focusing on the need to be productive.”

Currently at Yale, she considers herself really majoring in extracurriculars. She spends most of her time writing music and singing covers. Her biggest inspirations are Norah Jones, Ingrid Michaelson, Adele, and Sara Bareilles.

There are differences in songwriting, between artists. There are a multitude of styles and visions for what those words can ultimately construct for the artist. Emili has a finger on what she’d like to do with the words and in those particular sequences, thereof. Angles and depth, are just the beginning with her works. And in that celebration, it’s easy to hear the beginnings of a journey, which will afford her a deeper dig into her soul. All in the hopes of a vast connection with her listeners, sonically, substantively.

‘Nothing’ is that step. A step to really reveal her honesty and vulnerability that will bloom.


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