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Emiliano Ortiz Shares ‘Artificial Flowers’. “Even in death’s vision, we can smile and live on.”

Like a breeze of the future, EMILIANO ORTIZ’s single ‘Artificial Flowers’ waft with force through this window sill of decadence and revealing absolution. This exhilaratingly arranged single from the New York City based artist gets you up and into it, like you’d though music should.

With a designed baritone vocals that sings you with confidence and a shoulder tap for friendship, the thrusting hi-hat, expounding guitar solo, synth-wave 80’s tease, all come to bare with the airy and ‘holds no bar’ attitude.

The combination just makes you smile and desire more.

Emiliano stated that the song is “ about a struggling men who visions themselves at their own funeral.”

But you just can’t help but feel that detrimental feels of the protagonist, but appreciate the new found ‘freedom’ of looking at ‘death’ squarely in its eyes.

Death is certain.

Life should be lived, now.

Artist born and raised in NYC’s east village, brings you his newest psychedelic pop tunes, merged with passion, paranoia, and mood swings.



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