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Emiliano Ortiz // Tennyson // Dad // Julia and the Basement Tapes // Mary Eckert

Emiliano Ortiz – Upon Feelings

A vibrant melancholy drapes with fun visions of cotton candy with the love torn relationship. With her, you have a shield of ultimate powers. Without her, you’re weak with emptiness and utter dependence for the missing. You’re stuck with the grandeur of coming off of that drug of choice. Her. Her lips. Her eyes. Blue crystals, as deep as the oceans of Pacific dreams. She has her claws of love and affection into you. And you love that there is this pain of pains, collapsing around you. ‘Upon Feelings’ is a diorama of descriptions, from the uber talented NYC artist Emiliano Ortiz. Brooding vocals, hard-rock grind, Radiohead-like poetry of subtlety in mercury – he defines himself, and his music from not album to album, but from song to song. “Waft with force through this window sill of decadence and revealing absolution. This exhilaratingly arranged single from the New York City based artist gets you up and into it, like you’d though music should.” Still true, indeed.

Tennyson – Telescope

Luke Pretty, better known as Tennyson, returns with a kaleidoscopic new single called ‘Telescope’. Sweet melodies and dreamy vocals are a part of this single. And Tennyson explained that the song “captures this beauty and exaggerates just enough so that it matches the memory of being there and not the iPhone photo you took.” Tennyson’s M.O. is all about expansion. Expand on notes. Expand on notions. Expand on experiences. Expand on his vision of what his kind of music should be. The duo does this in ‘Telescope’, with kind and manifesting, pop intuitions – delivered swiftly and neatly in synth and sentimental merriment. Vogue sated that Tennyson’s music came with “atmospheres that feel shimmering and subdued at the same time”. Luke is uber talented, and it’s a fact that you just can’t get around. That trend continues, as the understated mischief of Luke’s vibrant cast of content, surges and entertains as he’s always done. ‘Telescope’ is another fabulous addition to the project’s deliberate perfection.

Dad – Alligator

DAD is Kei Wells, and is a 19-year-old singer/songwriter currently working out of her bedroom in Los Angeles. DAD debuts her project with her new single ‘Alligator’, with visuals from designers and illustrators Beverly Johnson (Bev Love on Instagram) and Cam Chan (Bao Mii on Instagram). ‘Alligator’ is a charming single that balances on the line of pop and alt, delivering mature and heft through Kei’s substantive words, of relationship and the difficulties that come with that responsibility. She stated: “‘Alligator’s about me finding a voice and being able to feel happy and confident on my own. Plus, ya know, moving out and not being able to afford shit in LA.” Production of top shelf significance, the solo artist drives onwards with her brand of defiance and affection. Her vocal attitudes will help define and then solidify her claim to a slice of the pop Universe. Look for her debut EP in February 2020, which will feature her friends Gallant, Wrabel, and more.

Julia and the Basement Tapes – Drifting

“‘Drifting’ and is about finally realising you are on your way away from a relationship and being relieved to finally be brave enough to say it out loud. It’s really a break up song but from a positive point of view. No hard feelings, just a feeling of weight lifting from your shoulders.” We’d stated prior: “Sweden based JULIA AND THE BASEMENT TAPES brings something that is cogent, touching, and reliably heartfelt. It might be the voice of Julia-Lotta Tinglöf, or it might be the country-folk deliciousness. Or it just might be that the combination of rich honesty that flows unrestricted from this ‘Something More’ that just hits the spot.” Dripping with flavor and gentle swaths of honesty, ‘Drifting’ contrails vapors of loving lust, secured in the secret desire for internal freedom. A succulent vocal indie-folk ensemble, perpetrated by the band that is completed with Johan Borgh, Samuel Söderberg, and Johannes Sidenqvist.

Mary Eckert – Do You Even Feel

Mary Eckert is singer-songwriter from North London. “‘Do You Even Feel’ is about reminiscing an ex and the experiences shared with them. The idea of singing about unrequited feelings occurred when I bumped into someone I was seeing at the time with someone else. The next week I had a songwriting session with some course mates and Do You Even Feel was written. This song really made the situation rather comical for me, however, it is sung with some bitterness.” Growth of self and menagerie in scarred hearts, never contend fully with an expression in honesty and full on rebellion. Mary’s single relaxes into a vision portrayed, as you’d stepped into a priory of emotions and unsatisfied remnants in spite. But the hurt never feels as good as when Mary’s vocals secure in those doubts, to possibly render a new bloom of hope and love’s prosperity. Artists like Isaac Waddington, Ady Suleiman and Elli Ingram inspire her work. Look for more from Mary.


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