Emiliano Ortiz ‘Wait So Long’ : Emanating stories of wants, needs, loss, and gains.

Emiliano Ortiz

Majestic singer/songwriter of the highest caliber, is what Emiliano Ortiz defines. Underrated, but never shrugging from a fight, the talented artist from NYC takes another turn of styles. The perfection of it all just exudes with confidence and (most importantly), expressive expansion.

Said Emiliano: “‘Wait So Long’ is about the rarity of finding someone you really connect with, and the fears of that person someday leaving you.”

The born and raised, Manhattanite, Emiliano’s multi genre stakes deliver palpable passion from rock to pop – never forgetting what’s most important for a song. The connection with his audience, palpitates in heart’s desires, emanating stories of wants, needs, loss, and gains.

‘Wait So Long’ brings prog-guitar to the fore, supporting Emiliano’s fabulous vocals, in the best expressive traditions of David Gilmour and Jeff Beck, and makes it fabulous.

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Vibe hunting in Mexico City

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