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Emilie Kahn Asks A Promise Of You Via Single ‘Will You’. “Faithfully, you succumb to her will.”

She isn’t who she was back then. She’s evolved as her writing has matured, exercising its inherent will for expansion. Her art had to thrive on a different plain of conscious construct. Willing, asking, pulling, doubting – the words of EMILIE KAHN is weighed with the granular, as it pulses through the thoughts and tremors of far begotten angsts.

2015 was different. Under the moniker Emilie & Ogden, the ballads seeped into the souls of the public to garner much praise. The album named ’10 000′ was a pop album independent in its artistic glamor, as much as it was the coming out party for the band that mixed electronica and indie-rock to different heights.

Now, transformed, Emilie has stripped away a moniker, in revealing a more raw and accessible self. With ‘Outro’ her upcoming sophomore album (February 22nd), the masks that helped her come this far has been dropped, to further reveal the deeper entrenchments of herself.

The best part? She’s asked us to join her in this exploratory exercise, to witness all the goodness, salvation, and binging of faithful acceptances.

It’s quite a challenge.

But we’ll tag along.

Emilie’s announced her Quebec / Paris tour, which starts in Montreal Canada at Centre Phi. It is her album launch show for ‘Outro’, and should be a blast.

She will mesmerize your hidden senses, as the harpist with the hypnotizing voice, will guide us all to places of pleasurable asunder.


03/07/19 Montreal, QC @ Centre Phi (Album-launch show)
03/22/19 Toronto, ON @ Drake Underground
03/29/19 Trois-Rivières, QC @ Église Saint-James
03/30/19 Sherbrooke, QC @ La petite boîte noire
04/04/19 Quebec City, QC @ Salle complexe Méduse
05/04/19 Terrebonne, QC @ Le Moulinet
05/15/19 Paris, France @ Café de la danse


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