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Emily Afton Shares ‘Sylvia’. “Take A Journey With Emily, Along Side Sylvia.”

EMILY AFTON is an indie-pop singer/songwriter and through ‘Sylvia’ she explores one of her heroes, NYC Transgender Activist, Sylvia Rivera.

“It became about me understanding my privileges as a cis queer womyn and artist; the road that it took for me to be able to walk in public holding hands w/ my partner; the story involved me going on a sort of journalistic investigation trying to get in touch with someone who knew Sylvia personally; and me calling her friend and fellow Stonewall activist and trans leader Ms Victoria Cruz & getting to hear her personal stories about Sylvia; learning about her favorite flower and stone and song.”

“It was amazing to get to hear Ms Cruz speak about history from a first hand experience. This world can be so ugly but people like Victoria Cruz, Sylvia Rivera, and Marsha P Johnson make it beautiful. This song is a thank you to them and to activists everywhere who are spending their lives fighting for the rights of others!” – Statement on single by Emily, via Instagram.


With crisp and smooth vocals from Emily, ‘Sylvia’ is emotive, dynamic, soulful, and educational. It’s certainly a trip.

Hold Emily’s hand. She won’t let you down.



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