Emily Prime ‘Serotonin’ : Looking towards rebuilding in the not so distant future.

Emily Prime / Photo: Bao Ngo

“This song poured out of me before my birthday in 2019,” said Emily Prime. “I was emerging from a dark period and decided for that birthday, I would try to celebrate myself and let myself be celebrated which had always been a challenge. I celebrated life and growth by playing a gig surrounded by my friends. This song is about that emergence, choosing change, and facing the self head on. Focusing on self work, reaching out for help, working towards self love, and all of the growing pains and non-linear directions of progress and healing that go with it.”

Now feels like the perfect release time as we all experience massive global growing pains, the struggle and longing to connect, facing the self in isolation, and looking towards rebuilding in the not so distant future.

Emily Prime is the cinematic pop project from Brooklyn based singer/songwriter/sidewoman, Kate Steinberg.


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