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Emily Rowed // Kin Kanyon // Newscast // Harrison Storm // Wine Lips

Emily Rowed – Watercolours

Following her debut album ‘Electric Heart’, her upcoming album ‘APRIL’ will continue EMILY ROWED’s beautiful ways of constructing lyrical incantations. ‘Watercolors’ is the third track off of the ‘APRIL’ and it’s a travel through time, as the world in front of you bend and shift. The single continues the ‘written chronicle of Emily’s own love story’ that ‘Pinball’ & ‘Hey Love’ started. A veteran of the music game since 2014 when chosen for Tiesto’s track ‘Say Something’, she’s put her heart and soul into her project, since then. Her infectious vocal talent is always prominently displayed for all of us to experience and enjoy.

Kin Kanyon – Fauxtown

Guitarist/vocalist Dan Rocque said of ‘Fauxtown’: “There is a cosmic, psychy breakdown in ‘Fauxtown’ which I believe wouldn’t have been possible through overdubs as it was manifested through everybody’s connection and vibe in that moment. The stars had aligned, and I’m thrilled we were able to capture it.” And for sure. The frenetic paced single is from the band from Vancouver, which produces some of the grooviest and interesting sounds we’d heard. The guitars and rhythms, drive the verses into a volcano of choruses, delivering in striking solos and hooks. Organs, percussion, oh baby! So, to get a piece of this single, watch out for the upcoming release of their EP ‘Trace of Love’. It drops on March 22nd, and you will feel groovy, just like we did. The band consists of Dan Rocque, Ed Budden (Bass, Vocals), Matt Harvey (Guitar, Vocals) and Chris Rowntree (Drums). Dig it.

Newscast – Undercover

Sounds like ‘Undercover’ is what makes us feel like we should be on that romantic cruise in that 70’s TV drama spectacular. The easy, breezy aspect of this single is indicative of the talents afforded by the duo in NEWSCAST. And the project is the work of Jackson, MS natives Hayden Boyd and Salar Almakky. The two have been making compelling music for nearly a decade. And as they do, in ‘Undercover’ they combine synth and pop to produce a smashingly delightful synchronicity that is a mixture of The Beach Boys with that synth, they could have loved in a different lifetime. Their 2019 EP ‘5’, is their way of celebrating in hindsight, of the first 5 songs they made under their NEWSCAST moniker.

Harrison Storm – Run

Beautifully sung single ‘Run’ is from the honey sweet folk singer/songwriter Harrison Storm. Classic elements from the finger picking and heavenly vocal presentation, the Australian artist’s single enlightens us in hard times, and maybe suggests that there are better times ahead. The pains might be temporary, for you have much to live for and delight, in this world. So, let’s let the worries aside a bit, and let the world come to you a lot more. Exchanging negative to the positive, you keep yourself really ‘alive’. Let’s run further and enjoy your fruits, you’d worked so hard for.

Wine Lips – Electric Lady

Magic happened in 2015. The year when WINE LIPS first took the stage for the first time. The Toronto based garage-rock band keeps it tight, and as Cam Hilborn, Aurora Evansand Richard Stewart, keeps on tackling our brains with psyche-laden guitar phantasms, the band is a musical drug that’s really hard to detox from. The energy is consistent throughout, as their work takes you on that high. Right now, they are on their North American tour, and we’re very much jealous of their fans getting to watch them on stage.


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