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Emma Frank Shares ‘I Thought’. “Mis-understandings bloom with abandon. Self-realization quells the fire.”

EMMA FRANK’s single ‘I Thought’ is a folk, jazz indie offering, drenched with emotions, which are hard to fathom and embrace. For longing of regrets that had become a friend, melts seeps of cold water down into the veins of the beckoning pangs and undesired glimpses. A walk down memory lanes, flash upon your side with peppers of purple and neon, just to mesmerize, for a decadent moment.

Fleeting en-masse, you cry inside, as you muster the strength to view life in a more positive light.

The process of healing begins.

The New York based singer/songwriter’s uncanny vocal trance of honesty and integrity drowns out the sorrows and ambiguities of the world ‘out there’. And ‘I Thought’ chills you to the bone, as the floods of rain drizzles, shimmer against the protections of years gone by.

It’s a beautiful and poignant offering.

From its ashes, life bubbles up again, to the tune of another and better beat of life.

Emma stated: “I definitely have a habit of convincing myself that something is really wrong – someone talks to me the wrong way, or I have a crush, and all of a sudden, I’m thinking, ‘well, I guess I’ll have to quit my job, leave my partner, move cities.’ Extreme thinking. My mother to this day reminds me that I have a tendency to polarize things. ‘I Thought’ is a reminder that we can grow and change and still be committed to those we love and the work we do.”

Mis-understandings bloom with abandon, when the heart sings with blinders and jettisons the impactful. You dive deeper inside, as you consciously endeavor in a journey of the unconscious examination.

In this minute, a new chapter turns.

‘I Thought’ delivers quite triumphantly, within that turn of that chapter.

No matter how heavy it may have been.

Emma’s first single off of her upcoming album ‘Come Back’ (date TBA).



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