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Emma McGann // PELL // BAYBE // Almost Owen // Sparkee

Emma McGann – Misfits

Coventry originating Emma McGann produces wispy pop dispositions, wrapped up in love’s little secrets and packets of Hershey’s kisses. But underneath the shimmer and shine, Emma’s subjects are tinted in reality’s hidden darkness – the impending doom, in contrast to the light – in contrast to our perfect dreams. The small town gal with the ambitious anthems, bring sense of casual seriousness in her songs that gets you involved and recognized. The fierce female voice of it all comes straight through, as some of them had been big influences to her own talents. Gaining radio and BBC recognitions, the gal with the passion of a thousand Universes is in it to be there when it’s her turn. We think she’s already here. You’ll know her more too. We guarantee.


“‘Skyfall’ was created with New Orleans in mind,” said PELL. “For me, it represents not forgetting your roots. It’s a big deal to me to be able to help show how diverse New Orleans artists are and these are definitely some of my favorite by far. Faux Delorean (the producers) Ambré, Malik and I were in the same studio session and Ambré started singing the hook and it just felt good. I sent the song to Icon later and when she sent it back my eyes watered it was so good.” ‘Skyfall’ is off of PELL’s anticipated 13 track album ‘Gravity’ (out now). The infection that is occurring in your listening heart is the rhythm that spreads around the world. PELL’s light and airy production of this single, drapes around the minds of the public, never forgetting where we all came from, but also never being stuck by it.

BAYBE – Radio Silence

BAYBE’s voice is so very fabulous, retro, and futuristic. In the best aesthetic distinctions that of stars like Tammy Wynette and Lana del Ray, the mix of the country, roots vibe works so well with the modern pop aesthetics that’s presented in ‘Radio Silence’. The Miami, Floria pop writer and producer is inspired by films, and vastly influenced by the starts of today. BAYBE performs live with her 4 piece band and has quickly gained much distinction and accolades for her style and unforgettable shimmer. ‘Genre-bending’ is indeed deemed correct for BAYBE and her brand of goodness. BAYBE is a breakout star in the making, and her musical talents and writing prowess, certainly breaks her away from the pack and keep her in our memories. The effortless communication from her works to our ears, is an immaculate demonstration for the kind of weight BAYBE offers. Her previous singles are as dynamic and poignant as’Radio Silence’, with all of the same uniqueness and palpability that we have come to love. Watch out y’all.

Almost Owen – One Lucky Man

ALMOST OWEN describes the song as “a playful ode to the friends we spend our best moments with..the ones who also see us at our worst.” Mixed by Jonathan Castelli (Khalid, Kesha, VERITE), the record is a marriage of pop polish and an indie soul; at once both sparkly and raw. ‘One Lucky Man’ is the follow up to ALMOST OWEN’s previous single ‘One In A Million’, which has garnered close to 100,000 streams since its release. ALMOST OWEN is ‘the boy who writes songs’, and boy does he ever. The boppy tune of ‘One Lucky Man’ delegates and suspends our daily grind, as the soulful institutions of the song’s melodies keep us focused on the bigger picture. The fun and delicate nature of the song, makes it a radio matchup made in our hearts.

Sparkee – The Kids feat. LIINKS

A triumphant funky grooves takes you over and kills you on sight. That is, your dream of ecstasy comes true with SPARKEE’s latest single ‘The Kids’. Featuring fab vocalist Georgia Murray of the LIINKS, the undeniable single gets your blood pumping with the kind of disco fun that is deserving of your love. Because you have MUCH love to give. All you need is that special someone. Now. To dance together, through this song, SPARKEE’s album, and life – together, in rhythmic dance. The summer fun has just begun as the new EP will drop in these hot months. In the meantime, the chill vibe of ‘The Kids’ scorches your soul with cool spirit and desire for ‘the now’. Get in. The water is perfect.


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