Emma McGrath ‘Keep Your Eyes Open’ : A world full of the gray, highlighted just enough.

Emma McGrath

British artist Emma McGrath reveals her new EP ‘Keep Your Eyes Open (Silent Minds Pt. II)’ on 17th January via Young Poet Records. Featuring 2019’s soaring singles ‘Other Side’ and ‘Fall With You’ (which featured on multiple Spotify New Music Friday playlists across the world) the EP release also includes defiant new single ‘Keep Your Eyes Open’.

Said Emma: “In a way, social media frees us because it makes all information available, but it also confines us because it can get you stuck in a cycle of comparing yourself to others and leaves you open to other people’s unfiltered opinions… Sometimes I feel that I have something to say, but I won’t write about it for months because I can’t quite figure it out. It brews in my head until I know how to express it”.

Engagingly salient, Emma’s vocals delivers that understated punch up your emotional gut. And when it does a black and blue mark for recognition, resonates in slow and methodical bleeding in meaning. A world optimized by the personal gain. A world full of the gray, highlighted just enough – with Emma’s help – to vipercate from the haze of it all. Can we finally extricate with dignity?

Love’s dignity? Love’s enhancement? Ultimate salvation?

Open up with inclusion.

Emma’s uber-talented and it’s easily witnessed. She touches deeply with ‘Keep Your Eyes Open’.


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