Emma McGrath ‘Paradise’ : Impoverished emotions that strewn at the edges of sanity and ultimate acceptance.

Emma McGrath

From her brand new EP ‘Settled In Motion (Silent Minds Pt. 3)’ Emma McGrath brings many colors and gradients about love, and the impoverished emotions that strewn at the edges of sanity and ultimate acceptance.

Completing her trilogy of thematically connected EPs, ‘Settled In Motion (Silent Minds Pt. 3)’ will arrive with two previously unreleased tracks, ‘Paradise’ and ‘Stand By’.

Said Emma: “I think I developed this mindset where music always got in the way of my friendships. I’d always miss birthday parties or other random stuff and over time I’d slowly lose touch with people. So I guess this song is about finding someone you love, but being scared of it not working and always assuming you know how it will end. Maybe it’s a kind of protection.”

Exploring the minds of those “who do not sympathise with others”, or “Silent Minds” as Emma describes them, each one of Emma’s thematically connected EPs have documented not only the progression of maturity and accomplishment in Emma’s songwriting, but also her growth as a person.

Solace from the heavenly, beyond, Emma’s r&b extravagance, dynamic in every way, represents the depth that her vocals offer, in and everyday. A bewitching call of sound, Emma helps you to quell the uncertainties and sink into the warmth of her voice.

Starting from a place of uncertainty within herself in Silent Minds Pt.1, with ‘Settled in Motion’ Emma finally ‘settles the score’ of profound acceptance and universal embrace.


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