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Emmanuel Patterson Shares Single ‘Dreams’ Off Of Album ‘The Silver Story, A Starry Night’.

‘Dreams’ is clarity in words. It’s a song that brings together dream-pop and a Celtic-like world music sensibility that is hard to beat and hard not to love. The playful and airy antics of the lyrics frolicking with the chances of the notes, makes us pause. Because there’s more to life than what we have done or want to do. But at the same time we must evaluate what we have achieved – in small and large.

And we think that’s what EMMANUEL PATTERSON’s work in his latest single and album is all about.

“Dreams is a song about rest, aspirations, and the wonderful process of imagination. This song is dedicated to all of the Hard-Working people of the world.” – Emmanuel Patterson.

That kind of emphatic attention to what we human beings do to survive, thrive, and being just humans is a very positive role that Emmanuel seems to be trying to highlight.

‘The Silver Story, A Starry Night’ we feel is a novel that is aesthetically presented within the poignant frame of a children’s book or a saga (after all, we’re all children in some ways). It is about many things, but always inviting. It is easy to be lost in the amphitheater atmosphere Emmanuel has offered us, but the segmented stories within each song amasses into delectable and sweet morsels of intuition, lessons-learned, and care.

‘Ghost Story’ is powerful.

‘Dreams’ brings that inner strength.

‘There’s No Such Thing as Winter Anymore’ mourns, in light of a new beginning.

‘Little Lights’ transports you to a star-light, magical forest of the soul.

‘Secrets of the Children’ brings the ‘rockness’.

Emmanuel’s album is part of an on-going art piece, ‘consisting of various drawings and short films’.




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