Emmrose ‘Ballad for the Boy Next Door’ : Exults with a million mile an hour relevance to the hearts that seek.


‘Ballad for the boy next door’ was inspired by the fear of “rejection and how it takes a lot of courage to tell someone you like about how you feel.”

Layered vocals and scintillating aura, Emmrose’s unadulterated psyche tinge with pop assertion, comes together with beauty and all of its musings.

Said Emmrose: “In the production, there are seven layered vocal takes on the chorus and many “pleasant flaws” – meaning, a lot of dry instruments, basically no processing on the drums, no tuning. We used a lot of nontraditional production methods, and I’m really hoping they resonate with listeners as much as the lyrics, voice, and composition.”

Spine curdling shimmer for love, this anthem by Emmrose, is a vocal demonstration that exults with a million mile an hour relevance to the hearts that seek.

Can’t fairy tales come true?

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Livestream Oct. 11

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