Emmrose ‘The Grass Was Greener’ : Sophistication in harmonious shine, where the sum dangle at the register of hope and prosperity.


“I wrote ‘The Grass Was Greener’ to sound nostalgic,” said Emmrose. “It’s all about looking back at young love, the things you did, and the things you could’ve done in hindsight. I wanted the song to center around a failed love story, one that involves drug addiction and abuse. Only a few lines really hint at it, but it’s the reason why the ex lover in the song is gone. I didn’t want the song to be too heavy, so the instrumentalization of the song juxtaposes with the lyrics.”

Emmrose began releasing music in 2018 with her first singles Westchester written while in summer camp and Dangerous Eyes, a song she had written while in 8th grade math class. The single Tonight was released in November of 2019, followed by the Spanish influenced track ‘Hopeless Romantics’ and later served as the foundation tracks to her first EP ‘Hopeless Romantics’ released in March of 2020.

The gal with the gumption and the stride to bring to life, what she wants out of her music, condenses very little to the imagination, as the consolations of wit and sadness, co-mingle into a soup of reality and life’s little contrasts. That’s where Emmrose wants us to join her. A journey to the ends of personal griefs, and universal victories, the gander of the sophistication in harmonious shine, where the sum dangle at the register of hope and prosperity.

Accept and embrace.


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