Empress Carnelian ‘The Only Human in the Room’ : It helps you sink into the softness of the world.

Empress Carnelian

Swedish bedroom alt pop producer Empress Carnelian is back with a haunting single ‘The Only Human In The Room’. After dropping a debut album last year, Carnelian returns with this David Lynch soundtrack sounding 80s inspired shoegaze song.

Beach House or Orville Peck – you get to quickly acclimate with the soulful and kind vigil of this beautifully simmer single. The calm and the warmth, radiate through successive and successful story-telling of Empress’ vocals.

It helps you sink into the softness of the world – letting the bad vibes, glance off like bullets to Superman.

Empress Carnelian delivers captivating music that is influenced by everything from 70s prog to modern pop, and maintains a unique and unpredictable sonic repertoire.

Look for more from this Sweden based talent.

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Music video on monday 👑

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