End of Code ‘Deep Into Your Soul’ : Alt-rock electro brigade of sights and sounds.

End of Code

Duality in meaning, resurgent in posterity, End of Code’s ‘Deep Into Your Soul’ is an alt-rock electro brigade of sights and sounds.

The lyrics was written by Shawn Pereira who is a guitar player and singer for End of Code living in California. Shawn said: “It’s about trying to write a song with the title referring to the confinement period. I tend to write a lot of metaphors and images. The song’s meaning is all in the hook. Now as we close again you can’t go out so you have to go in and down down deep into your soul, before you loss control…”

The beat was made with the patterns of the legendary TR-808 drum machine and its design was used for the cover of the single, and where French artist Nicolas Saad (keyboard player, dj and music producer) deliberates with finite gravity.


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