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The Other End shares ‘Far from Home’ (Live at Bergenhus Festning) Music Video.

With their debut EP (due to drop March 16th 2018), The Other End shares with us their new single, now in visual form. Melancholic and ever the sway of emotions, ‘Far From Home’ keeps on successfully demonstrating the duo’s musical inclinations and talents.

We’d mentioned in the review of ‘Far From Home’: “And when one listens to ‘Far From Home’, it whisks the mind into a far-flung dungeon in hyper-enlightened, husk of memories and ‘maybe’ circumstances. A story of ‘what-abouts’ and what could and should have been. The sulking heft of the ‘world on one’s shoulders’, raking away the life from one’s soul.”

It’s a beautiful serenade of a song. We were smitten then.

We still are.

“Ida’s vocals is a tsunami of feelings, discreetly presented in the gentle rolling of myopic contusions – battering the senses for maximum attention.”

Their folk straddling lyrics and songs are a delight to listen to. We are pleasantly surprised, every time we listen to their wares.

Take a swing. You should too.

The Other End will release their debut 5 song EP March 16th. The band consists of Ida Knoph-Solholm and Alexander Breidvik.

Pre-Order the album [HERE]

The video recording was engineered and mixed by Iver Sandøy and the filming/editing was handled by Eivind Kåset at EKTE FILM.



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