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Engine Summer Shares Fascinatingly Attractive ‘Outside the Curtain’. “Unrelenting, thumping, indie-galore.”

With LCD Soundsystem in your mind, you dig. You dig a little deeper. Maybe you can reach China from where you’re digging. Or just the other side of the netherworld where rock, punk, and pop meet to die.

Well, not die. They will always live.

And maybe thrive.

ENGINE SUMMER is that pallet of nourishment where such amalgamations of dissonance come, in-perpetuity. The band is made up of: Jeremy, Benny, Ry. A trio who let ‘Outside The Curtain’ be recorded by Luke Otwell (Luke Henry) and mastered by Dion Lunadon (A Place To Bury Strangers). A song that strives to all of the things that we listed above, and more.

Good move.

The unrelenting and thumping beats of indie-galore, swept up by the short phrases of contentment and instigations, the song is a favorite of for their fans. It kicks us into a gear – perfect for the day’s list of errands.

Laundry, food shopping, late lunch, and liquor. All culminating to a crescendo of mitigating circumstances, funneled to an evening of fun with friends and maybe, Bob.


‘Outside The Curtain’ makes you sweat, in anticipation of that floor, at the next gig.

The Chicago based band, proudly states that they are influenced by: an older version of photoshop, being stuck in traffic, bars with pinball machines, & bugs in our apartments.




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