English Budgies ‘Haunted House’ : Making amends with the spirits of life and the un-said.

English Budgies

From a flood of memories, regrets, mystery and anxiety, ‘Haunted House’ redeems and reclaims the uneasiness of letting go and making amends with the spirits of life and the un-said.

“This song is about a close family death that felt rather haunting, and describes the emotional struggle that accompanied the experience,” said English Budgies. “Musically, Haunted House started very different and eventually became this very cool indie / electronic mood that helped accentuate the message of the song.”

Jen and Joe Vickrey are the multi-instrumental duo behind English Budgies. Mixing the echoes of an indie jangle with elements of punk, electronic, and rock, they appeal to listeners with a sonic landscape of delicately crafted music and intimate lyrics.


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