Enjoyable Listens ‘The Terror’ : Manicured in a smoothy of satisfaction and grace.

Enjoyable Listens

“I wrote this song pretty quickly,” said Enjoyable Listens. “Laid down the music while sat in my big brown chair that used to dominate the living room from the corner. My wife immediately rated it, and still does. The more I think about it, the more the lyrics are about my dreams. I saw my self soaked by the heavy tropical rain as I travelled by sea to a stormy, desolate paradise. To where my baby is. The song jumps from scene to seen.”

“One minute you’re in the car having a heated discussion with your partner, the next I’m sat in the room where I recorded the song. The walls move in a psychedelic fashion and the disgusting bed tempts me by name. I consumed a lot of cans of fosters the week I recorded this. I perform it really well too, but I’m still finding new ways to make it mine.”

Decadent in its most visceral; candid in its most bizarre – that’s where the glow of fabulousness wafts from the work of Enjoyable Listens. It’s that lazy day on the beach of your days, surrounded by the shimmer of the stars, manicured in a smoothy of satisfaction and grace.

It’s life.

Enjoyable Listens bring it all to fruition in ‘The Terror’.


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