Enola Fall ‘Be Fine’ : Decadent and full of lifting promises we’d always knew was right.

Enola Fall

Heavy with befallen heart, the sanctified regions of emotions, gather forces to tell her that it’s always been that. It’s always been about living.

So, let’s stick together, a little longer…

“It’s a bit heavy, but the song is a conversation about suicide,” explained frontman Joe Nuttall. “Everyone seems to have known someone or worse, loved someone, who has taken their own life. The two choruses are the two voices that talk through the subject, and it ends with what I hope is a final message of determination.”

After a year spent touring their Bloodhound LP in the USA, Australia and their home territory of Tasmania, indie-rockers Enola Fall are back today with their new single Be Fine. The new song serves as a taster for their freshly recorded upcoming new album and offers up 80s-influenced guitar lines alongside driving drums and yearning, emotive melodies.

Their last album ‘Bloodhound’ took them to the USA for the year for residencies and festivals in Los Angeles and Portland. They are currently in Melbourne, but that will probably change shortly.

We’d hope you can take a listen to the whole of ‘Bloodhoud’. It’s a visceral rock experience, decadent and full of lifting promises we’d always knew was right.


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