Enrico Hubert ‘Finite’ : Realms of knowns, unperturbed by the external stains.

Enrico Hubert

The night turns to day. The cold relinquishes to heat. The mind melds into a new dawn. Enrico Hubert’s exhilarating techno single ‘Finite’, is a beating heart race of ambiguities and hearts’ desires. An impregnable assault in the realms of knowns, unperturbed by the external stains.

while influenced by artists such as Kollektiv Turmstraße and Extrawelt and driven towards minimal techno. After two years of a creative break, his first release called “Lumen” is now available on Mercurial Tones, combining a hard pumping kick drum with a melodic lead sound and melancholic pads.

Know that it’s not forever. That will free you from the doldrums of this contrasting world of nuance.


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