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EP PREMIERE: MICHAEL WITT’s ‘As A Brother’ Is A Beautiful Debut. Vocals Amaze.

MICHAEL WITT premieres his debut EP ‘As A Brother’. It’s not a secret that we are a big fan of Michael. He brings indie-rock, pop, merged perfectly together for the public to absorb and to love. His latest music is all about love.

His debut 5 track EP is filled with soaring emotions, seeking of personal truths, recovering souls, and the abilities to come back from the depths of self-induced predicaments – of the heart and of the mind.

However, journeys must start from a singular point. And the journey of ‘As A Brother’ starts with Michael’s voice. His voice is the ‘light’. It is the guiding light to the promised land where we can be safer, a place where we can find the best of self, for family, for friends, for the better future that we often seek. It is the ideal bridge to all of Michael’s story telling Universes.

‘As A Brother’ brings the thought provoking lyrical constructions that successfully marries the kind of emotional expertise seen in 90’s bands like Toad The Wet Sprocket, Goo Goo Dolls, Gin Blossoms, and the emotive delivery of the best of modern folk / country indie-rock such as Bear’s Den or Ben Howard.

The first single of the EP is ‘Family Portrait’. And in this intimate start, the world is expansive and the optimistic discoveries are subjects of curiosities and of concern. But those concerns are not to be, for long – at least not after the chorus hits. And what a chorus and start to the this EP’s experience, it is. The clear communication of the guitar holds your hand and while Michael’s beautiful voice helps you enjoy the day – the new dawn…the grand dawn. ‘Stranger’ is the next single (and our favorite). It continues the journey utilizing the contemplative vocals of Michael, to bring out the emotions of heartache, and undefinable affection for the unknowable subject. Within this single, Michael’s vocal shine the brightest, demonstrated through the frame of the extraordinary folk and country-rock arrangement, of which he solidly mastered. It’s the most ‘goose-bump’ inducing song of the lot.

Next, ‘Late Rose’ brings many layers delectable beauty to the album collection. The folk singer/songwriter brings the kind of emotions from his vocals, his arrangements, and of course lyrics. The words to this song is delivered with the conviction that is warranted of such a song. It will be naked without this kind of strength and confidence straight forwardly communicated. The honesty is very much amplified at a higher level in ‘Late Rose’. In ‘Smoke’, the world is turned upside-down a bit with the dark-country music ambience that mixes like the toxicity of the real world we sometimes live in. We survive, and thrive, at the end – but just. We all take a deep breath. Evaluation is necessary for the protagonist. A new End is needed for the old life. Now, a new Start needs to be constructed. It’s the moment of a commitment to that ultimate promise made long ago.

The journey’s chapter ends with ‘By Lantern’. By all accounts, it is the realization of that return to sanity, and the expectation of enjoyment – for the rewards of love, through hard work, and victories noted. “The life lived in my lifetime, has gone in a fleeting glance. Now I have time to take account. And I have lived, to the fullest.” Million miles of travel has been tallied, and now it’s time to go home.

The EP is:

A smile.


Of Sacrifices.

And a mile marker for the journey, of past and future.

Michael has been writing since his teen years and now in ‘As A Brother’ we think, in all-around beauty, he’s succeeded. And as a popular accompaniment to us listeners, the EP is a page turner, and naturally comfortable in belonging to any music rotation. The more we listen to Michael, the more we are enamored. The more we listen to Michael, his talents get more obvious. ‘As A Brother’ is a fabulous and grand start to MICHAEL WITT’s publishing career.

His new EP ‘As A Brother’ is available digitally on all platforms.



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