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Eric Frisch Shares ‘Just Look At Me Now’. Don’t Be Too Proud. Do What You Must.

When you tumble. No one seems to be by your side. You become alone. You ARE alone, in mind, heart, and in reality. There’s nothing to come back from. But does it have to be this way?

Eric Frisch asks that age old question in his beautiful perspective in his single ‘Just Look At Me Now’. Utilizing the backdrop of classic country/folk elements, the story is told, as they always do, finely – steadily – consistently – and most of all, satisfyingly.

Satisfaction, and acceptance, from a hard fall from ‘grace’, delivers the bottom of that barrel. ‘Nose’ broken, lips bloodied. Now you can wake up, from that personal hell. Fight, you must. There’s a better place to be.

Don’t be too proud.

Do what you must.

You can do so, with time, patience, and an introspective change to your soul, of your aims.

For the sake of your sanity.

We’re suckers for country/folk music backdrops, and we’re glad we saw a glimpse of Eric’s tune here. The single stays true to what that style of music demands. It’s a charming little diddy, for sure.




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