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Erika Wester Shares First Release Title Track Single ‘Home’.

New York City based artist and singer/songwriter ERIKA WESTER presents a deliciously innocent and vivacious indie-folk offering in her single ‘Home’. The title track from her first EP congratulates the givings of what love can portray for the persons involved.

Relaxed with irrevocable consistency within her tauntingly wistful positivity, her vocals are as refreshing as the dew draped spring morning, as the sun peeks over the new day’s horizon.

As the song stays on the path of the journey, there are parts of the song that subjects the listener to palatable questions that deal with self trepidations, and hinted marigold austerities in possible rehabilitation in caring for the unrequited.

Challenges aside, there is one thing that is always a comfort and a draw for Erika, and that the ‘home’ is where the heart is. Things can be smoothed out and resolved, but it can’t start without you, physically and mentally, being up front and center at the place where it all started.

The single ‘Home’ is joined by “Please Don’t Look At Me That Way’ and ‘I Really Don’t Like You Sober’.

All of her three songs are honest, wishful, doubtful, and looks at the world with a very adult and mature underlying anguish. And the weight and heft of the lyrical works intertwine with decadence and ‘time-less’.

Let’s keep the momentum going.

Looking for more from Erika for sure.



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