ES Wex ‘Clashing Colors’ : Story-telling as a means toward collective liberation.

ES Wex

‘Clashing Colors’ is the second single of Es Wex’s EP ‘Surrender’.

She says of the record: “I was inspired to write ‘Clashing Colors’ as I was going through a break up, grappling with the super fun classic complex combination of anger, grief, and acceptance. These are the words I desperately wanted to say to my ex but couldn’t find in the moment. These are the words I desperately needed to hear myself to be able to come to terms with our incompatibilities and truly begin letting go.”

ES Wex is a Brooklyn-based queer femme electronic/alternative neo-soul musician/songwriter/activist who employs the transformative power of musical story-telling as a means toward collective liberation.

She seeks to create spaces of healing, joy, contemplation, and empowerment through her music, and deeply values collaborations with other artists and the importance of building community through music. She has also written and performed her electronic music in a number of social justice-oriented grassroots theater pieces, mainly focusing on queerness and immigration.

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💕sound on💕 My EP dropped today. It feels bittersweet for so many reasons. When I decided on this release date a couple months ago, I could’ve never imagined where we would all be today. Everything has been happening and shifting and changing so quickly, and I’m so moved by the ways in which our communities have been showing up for each other and uplifting the needs of vulnerable folks. Let this be an opportunity for our entire society to shift for the better. The EP release celebration at @cmoneverybody is of course postponed until May or June, but I’m still so grateful to be able share this new music with you all. This EP is all about surrendering to our deepest selves and holding the beautiful and painful complexities of our existence. Now is a rare opportunity to sit with ourselves quietly and feel into what no longer serves us, both individually and collectively, and have an opportunity to establish new ways of being that may not have been available to us before 💙Streaming link for my new EP ‘Surrender’ in my bio, along with a few links to important COVID-19 relief funds 💙 Remember to breathe… 2… 3…. 🌬 . . . Produced, mixed, & mastered by the talented @katie_buchanan 🙏🏻 Album art photographed, designed, & illustrated by my love @thebeatinbetween 💜 . . . #musician #livemusic #newmusic #newmusicalert #eprelease #release #surrender #indiemusic #diymusician #indiepop #indieelectronic #community #collaboration #queer #lgbtq #queermusic #lgbtqmusic #femme #femmepower #takecareofyourself #collectivecare

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