ES Wex ‘Surrender’ : Realities, integral and wise.

ES Wex

ES Wex is a Brooklyn-based queer femme electronic/alternative neo-soul musician/songwriter/activist who employs the transformative power of musical story-telling as a means toward collective liberation. She seeks to create spaces of healing, joy, contemplation, and empowerment through her music, and deeply values collaborations with other artists and the importance of building community through music.

Rousing from a sleep of deep thoughts and revelry, she rubbed her eyes from the intoxicating netherworld. A put of balance and inquisition, slowly but consistently gathered on her shoulder of life and day-to-day. Coffee, eggs, toast were the physical needs of the morning. Consumption of emotional fulness, was some time in coming. But through the hectic chaos of a mind within a world, the forces of warriors, slashed the will to stand again, as the end of the day’s energies waned in sum.

“I can’t quit now,” she muttered. “This isn’t the destiny, I’d designed!” She broke her chains. Her boulders of gargantuan negativity. How will she tackle the new day?

Lyrically delicious and complex, ES Wex delivers in her first single which will be included in the debut EP. as a solo artist. ES Wex’s new solo project is driven by her musician/song-writer/teaching artist/activist, realities that are integral and wise.



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