ESA helps ‘Extraordinary Kids fly in ZERO GRAVITY’ experiments! All smiles & Magnifique!

ESA, The European Space Agency with Novespace offered some great experience for several select disabled kids. The event was specially organized by “Rêves de Gosse” (Kids’ dreams) – an organization for 20 years which have helped disabled children to work together on educational projects.

The children each represented five of the ESA members (UK, France, Germany, Belgium, and Italy). They boarded the Zero G Airbus plane in France.

The guests were joined by ESA astronauts: Tim Peake (UK), Frank De Winne (Belgium), Maurizio Cheli (Italy), Thomas Reiter (Germany), Claudie Haigneré and Jean-Francois Clervoy (France).

ESA director general Jan Wörner said: “ESA is delighted to support this initiative. Educating and inspiring as diverse audience as possible, including youth, on science and spaceflight is among our priorities and extending this outreach mission to children of all capabilities is doubly rewarding.”

Rêves de Gosse

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