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Esbie Fonte – Cobwebs

The chilling and mesmerizing Esbie Fonte brings new meaning to dark, alt-pop in her brand new single ‘Cobwebs’. Esbie, for our ears is: “Eclectic. Prominent. Revealing. Mysterious…and she is your ultimate siren of your dreams. The alt-pop artist pulls that curtain of mystery apart with the chill of her darkness – her darkened and embroiled pop goodness. The chanting of her demure but understated power of her vocals, glint at that exact notion for understanding and self-awareness that we as people should emulate. Buzzbands LA called Esbie an artist whom “makes synth-pop for funereal dream sequences that dissolve from vivid and confrontational to dark and mysterious.” And The405? “Sparse percussion and beats are coupled with her punctuated vocals in the verse, feeling the casting of a spell.” We all agree.

Gabriela Eva – HEY! (alternative mix)

Gabriela Eva is that day when drop, drop, drop of Spring rain visits your home with good wishes and danceable beats. With delightful charm and playful grace from her vocal actions, the alt-pop artist makes it a point to help us all to live a couture life. ‘HEY!’ follows Gabriela Eva’s self released, 2018 debut EP ‘RISE UP’ and standout single ‘Sailing Over The City’, played on BBC6 Music by Gilles Peterson, along with live performances on BBC Radio London with Robert Elms and BBC Introducing (Essex) with Ollie Winiberg. Always building from the neo-soul/nu-jazz & electronic pop dimension, Gabriela’s futurist aesthetics opens up the mind’s eye – then your fantasies – then your will to have some fabulous fun. What a sequence of events from a song of this caliber, eh? Gabriela grew up, in the historic market town of Colchester in Essex, raised on the sounds of Alanis Morissette, Nina Simone and Portishead. Look for more from the artist with the mostest.

Panic Baby – Tightrope

“Tightrope is a journey of a song,” said Panic Baby. “Beginning with minimal instrumentation growing into a bold rock song. The lyrics are vulnerable and critical at times expressing the chaotic emotions of a personal bad drug experience. With the smooth melodic beginning, the catchy guitar riffs and powerful rhythm section to come after…” Led by vocalist Raquel Willand, Panic Baby mixes elements of indie rock & soul with a western desert flare. Started by Raquel, Nick Smith, Jared Wood, the circle that is the current Panic Baby was born when drummer, Devin Russell, joined the band. The Phoenix Arizona originating band puts sultry vibes and moody satin, back on the map of indie-rock cannon, as the tinge of psyche hard-rock underpinnings merge fabulously in this freshly defined musical form. The quartet, resists the urge for mainstream, but never forgetting what makes the listener’s hearts tick, the band helps quake new images into the ether, with equal vigor. See them next @ Yucca Tap Room, Tempe, Arizona on November 16th.

rauður – We Will All Feel Better One Day And/Or Die

We’d called rauður’s offerings “oddly penetrating. Intelligently vexing. Altruistically contemplating”, and that the music of Iceland based artist “is a vision for the ears…a dark but buoyant settlements of songs align, beautifully with the singer/songwriter’s unique perspective into the musical world”. rauður said of ‘We Will All Feel Better One Day And/Or Die’: ““The beginning is the most indie-acoustic part of the album, but then I combined it with a peculiar dancy beat and a synth orchestra, with a choir of family and friends as the cherry on top. Since the song is actually about them, my loved ones, and me. Us.” Told you. Oddly, but wholly penetrating. The project is from the mind and soul of Auður Viðarsdóttir. Formerly a keyboardist and singer of Nóra. Her vocals is the undoubted center-piece of her new project, as the supporting keyboard work, accentuate the power and grace of the expressive vocal luminescence. Her debut album ‘Semilunar’, a 9 track journey, is out now.

STVB – Living In A Dream

Canadian singer/songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist STVB (Steve Bosch) delivers his smooth vocals over warm, rhythmic synth production inspired by influences like Anderson Paak, The Weeknd, and Biz Markie. ‘Living In A Dream’, from the surface, would sound like an EDM/Pop offering. But the song is more special than that, because it flexes its muscles as stoutly as the EDM category, but is also emersed in the art of indie-rock where the premise is king and it delivers with grit and pomp, a the same time. The single is a dark love song with a tight groove and smooth catchy melodies – and the industrial synth vibe, at points, makes it fabulously interesting.


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