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Esbie Fonte // Sam Castell-Ward // How Great Were the Robins // Kane Miller // Devin World

Esbie Fonte – Here Lies

We’d called ESBIE FONTE: “Eclectic. Prominent. Revealing. Mysterious. [She] is your ultimate siren of your dreams.” And in ‘Here Lies’ continues that journey with a vision of energies that sparkle and rouse with every step. In her notes, hide this intrinsic rapture for what things really are in this world. And as she explores into the underlying resistance, she pulls that curtain of mystery apart with the chill of her darkness – her darkened and embroiled pop goodness. The chanting of her demure but understated power of her vocals, glint at that exact notion for understanding and self-awareness that we as people should emulate. ‘Here Lies’ is a turn on words, and it can be your badge to glory, if yo let it. Let Esbie rip you apart.

Sam Castell-Ward – Headlights Hurt My Eyes

SAM CASTELL-WARD. What can we say about his work that he hasn’t described with his work? The charm, the confidence, the eclectic audacity is what SC-W can bring to the table. And with 2 pints and a shot of taquilla, he cheers on. He cheers your personal relationship troubles; he cheers your personal work complaints; and he cheers your life as it’s being noted in the database of the heavens. He is your best friend. He understands you – pokes you with undaunted revelry, even if you think he’s not. Unique? Dang skippy. Relevant to your life? Maybe. But that’s not the point of it all. It’s the point of living the way you’d like. And Sam does what he likes to do; built to do. And in ‘Headlights Hurt My Eyes’, in some catastrophically charming way, he succeeds with flying and glorious colors. Sam is empathy and we dig that to bits.

How Great Were the Robins – Trembling Care

Off of the mini-EP ‘As You Flourish’, HOW GREAT WERE THE ROBINS is an indie-pop project that is reminiscent of the best of the past and of the near future. William Lilla is the heart behind the single ‘Trembling Care’ and it is a trans-Atlantic and solitary journey into a darkness of which we yet know not. Traversing and coaxing, the synth driving ambience of this single is the calm of a tantric zen. And when all seems lost, a glimmer of hope – even if it’s self induced – comes crawling and beckoning. A diagnosis of the mind that keeps hope alive, and living. Beautiful vocals by William, contains the Universe of thoughts and dreams that float our ideals for our own greatness – whether small or large. The world doesn’t have the last say in what it takes to achieve this threshold. It’s up to you.

Kane Miller – Black Dress Acoustic

KANE MILLER’s ballad ‘Black Dress Acoustic’ is about ‘love at first sight’. Time stops. The world changes. Your world has changed in that one singular second. Stated Kane: “I started writing this song as soon as I got home from a party a couple months ago. I had this exact feeling when I looked across the room and locked eyes with someone I had never met. I’m usually the shyest person in the room and was way too nervous to introduce myself, so I came home with a memory of this moment I shared with The Girl in the Black Dress.” Encouragement and positivity of what could happen for all of us is within the sentiments of this beautifully sung single. There is hope for us all, and nothing can drive us fully away from finding that true love of our lives. Each notion of love, even if not fully realized, is a small step towards a bright and unencumbered future. We all can take solace in that.

Devin World – Sweatpants

Profiled in agony of a certain kind, DEVIN WORLD, is a contradiction in terms of endearment. ‘Sweatpants’ is a DIY lo-fi dream-pop exercise of what can await you at the entrance to that mall of your dreams. And there, as you enter the parking lot, on your car’s infotainment system, DEVIN WORLD’s single comes on. With a feeling of trepidation you turn the single louder, as the summer’s heat musters up that same feeling of uneasiness. You drive around in trying to find a parking space, and then you’re suddenly guided – by the ghostly glow of the parking lot apparition. Unfortunately you’re distracted by the bop extravagance of ‘Sweatpants’ and you lose sight of your near mission. Oh well. What good and interesting music can do to you, right? That apparition agrees as it stated: “What am I? Chopped liver??” DEVIN WORLD thinks its a cool project. We agree.


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