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Esse Quam Videri – Space Between (Single off of new album ‘Untold Stories’)

Esse Quam Videri’s strength is in the band’s honesty in its musical mission: straight forward folk, presented with modern accumens fitting of the modern age. Isabelle Ulfsdotter demure and purposefully shaky vocals support and glue the notes surrounding the band’s output. It’s very ‘folk’, and it’s quite delectable.

The quiet musings of things-past, present, and future dip the toes into the stream of consciousness – mellowing, caressing, predicting. Without the overbearing of the hands of time, it can (if you let it) be timeless.

And certainly EQV tries, and tries hard, to define that gray and sometimes un-intended space in our world.

‘Untold Stories’ released on January 19th. The band hailing from Örebro Sweden mixes acoustic and electronic elements with a fascination for un-usual instruments and sounds.

The band consists of: Esbjörn Lilja, Isabelle Ulfsdotter, Jimmy Hillberg, Max Häggberg

Buy their new album [HERE].



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