Essenger x Scandroid ‘Empire of Steel’ : Essenger wages war on sound the way it should be.


‘Empire of Steel’ is that distinct flow in track by Essenger. Out of the available album ‘After Dark’. Essenger has assembled a remarkable group of collaborators to bring the future into the current. From the dystopian atmosphere of ‘Empire of Steel’ with Scandroid to the darkly beautiful duet with Lexi Norton on ‘Downfall’ and the metal-inspired aggression of ‘Lost Boys’ with Young Medicine, each track holds on to your listening aura and doesn’t want to let go.

Essenger said of ‘Empire of Steel’: “Just a few days before the album had to be turned in, I started working on a new track. Given the circumstances I knew it would have a slim chance of making the album but by the end of the day it turned into one of my favorite songs I’ve written. I had a really strong rock chorus but it didn’t quite fit the aesthetic of my voice. I’ll totally pretend I didn’t write it with Scandroid in mind but I got lucky and he hopped on the track, delivering a killer performance and exceeding my expectations with his signature vocoder lines and his own verse.”

Essenger wages war on sound the way it should be.


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