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Esther & Fatou – At Night

Eventuated by the calmness of the vocals, stringing one along with the melodies, then kinda standing one to attention with the lyrics – is what we think about when listening to this fab song. It’s a juxtaposition. It shouldn’t exist this way. But At Night by Esther & Fatou, rightly takes our ears to a form of fantasy-land, rolling across some undetermined wintery steppes.

From the first chord, it’s seems to be a gentle song – a love ballad, to the one, the protagonist loves.

But no.

It’s definitely a ballad, but not too gentle- and very, very ominous.

The foretold fancifulness caused the thoughts of the malevolent to go astray. It wasn’t that he didn’t love her, but that he loved the ’cause’ more. It wasn’t a ‘slight’ or a ‘demeaning’ of the girl he loved.

It was a higher calling.

However, it ate him alive. His actions ate him alive. His non-actions spoke volumes.

His heart had to turn to stone. If not, NOTHING would work out. It was a lose-lose situation, he did not know how to get out of.

The rolling tears was constant from her worried cheeks – of her love for the man she thought she knew, of the man who wasn’t here with her, and for the man she knew would never come back.

The steppes widened. Colder. More severe.

In her hands, the keys to their happiness was alive. His choice to ignore her pangs of pleading anger, did not turn him.

The flowers and the plants, were dying.

We go through this kind of mind exercise all the time, here at CHF.

Regular readers of CHF would know this too well. But we think that it’s an important ‘output’ result, when a song invokes memories or fantasy memories to the listeners.

And we think the two ladies in Esther & Fatou (Esther Artois and Fatou Jans) does it fabulously with this particular song.

Kudos, ladies. Kudos.

The new album is due out during sometime, 2018, and we’re looking forward to it and their upcoming promotional tour.

Oh, and they’re rep’ed by PIAS, the Belgium based indie label with the mostess.



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