Estherlivia ‘Limbo’ : Evolution over suggestive and sumptuous beats.


From which hand of fate, the flow of clarity will emanate. A ring around the rosy, for emotions tattered and questioned. Estherlivia’s ‘Limbo’ caters with decidedly procured gray of the known and of the unknown of love. Old school hip-hop beats lays the groundwork over evolution in “pop oriented songs” over the suggestive and sumptuous beats.

“This is a song about being stuck in the middle,” Esther amplified. “I need to be more aware when I’m not happy with where I am in my life. Most likely I’m not alone in this and I hope that I can reach out to the people that feel the same and need a reminder of what is going on in their lives, and that they can change the things that doesn’t make them happy.”

Estherlivia (Esther Ribbstedt Österman) is 22 years old and started out as a producer based out of her childhood home in Mariestad, Sweden.

‘Limbo’ is the gradient goodness, alt and pop, offered from Estherlivia’s upcoming new EP.


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