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ET.PATXKEISHH ‘moonLIT’ From EP ‘Camp Mars’. “It Gets To You. And It Doesn’t Want To Let Go.”

Trance? Well, not in that way. ET.PATXKEISHH’s single ‘moonLIT’ is simply a trip to another world. In that sense, it transmits waves of vibes, that just makes it really chill. But ‘moonLIT’ isn’t just ‘chill’ for it’s own sake, the duo artists makes a splash into the 90’s hiphip/r&b realm, and makes us think a bit – pause a bit, then, well, we mutter under our breath, understanding what they wanted out of the song, without really having the words to describe it.

A problem you say? Not really.

We think that is exactly, one of the points that is visceral about this particular production. Where the duo of ET.PAT & KEISHH purposefully and delightfully begs the question of ‘what we are’, and ‘where we’ve been’, and ultimately: ‘where we’re going or not’. It’s an odd sensation, this single, where the lyrics nor the overall outcome of the envelope (which is ‘moonLIT’) takes us on that hypothesis.

But at the end of the day (song), it DOES.

As we’d mentioned, it’s an odd feeling – and ALL in a good way. The tactile textures are smooth, but go in an opposite direction, then this razor-chill of a single, bites you. Again, ALL in a good way.

It gets to you.



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