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ettie Shares ‘Fast Cars And Airplanes’. “Hopes and fears; love and risks.”

ettie is a project from which the London based singer/songwriter delivers in deeply saturated emotions, feelings, and trepidations. And all of it are done in an inquisitive and affectionate musical direction.

The unique vocal attentions from ettie makes the song what it is. The bold but unintended memories, flood out of the trembling institutions, within her voice, sticking to the words she spells out, in ocean deep blues and harmonies.

ettie stated: “The song depicts a love between two people which is very destructive… with both people being destructive in their own ways. A doomed-from-the-start situation. Sort of like fast cars and airplanes… two things you hope will never collide, as they are dangerous in their own right. I came up with the lines “we are like fast cars and airplanes / fast, can’t refrain / from speeding right before a fall” first, and built it around there.”

It’s an honest take on vibes and feeling, maybe fleeting, but heavy enough for it to be discussed and manicured, within the heart of ettie’s thoughts and writing.

The journey for ettie has just begun. We’re intrigued by her musical formation.

And we’re looking forward to more from the budding songwriter can offer into the excitement upcoming.



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