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EUVOIA // Shunichi Komazu // Creature of Doom // Josh Cashman // Little Sister

EUVOIA – Solace

Columbus, Ohio originating (now Nashville based) artist EUVOIA creates music and art. He stated: “Why do I create? It’s because I have to, something in me makes me. I see too many people feeling as if they aren’t special, as if they are a burden. I believe that is a lie, one we tell ourselves more than others. You are unique, one of a kind, and I’m here to tell you that is beautiful. Take a minute and listen to this music. I hope it’s a journey for you. One we can travel together because you were never meant to be alone. You are a beautiful thinker and so am I.” The eloquence reverberates as the falsetto of EUVOIA deepens as the song ‘Solace’ digs and claws into your synapse of reason. The quickening of pace, and undulating determination of the song, professes much, with identifiably nurtured significance. The art that creates many colors, shades in blue-ish tints, while sulking in the vastness of a pending outcome.

Shunichi Komazu – Talk

SHUNICHI KOMAZU’s J-Pop vibe drenched alt-pop single, ‘Talk’, is an earworm offering of a different kind. Since 2016, the Japanese artist has been pushing his own boundaries. In that first year, he’d released the single ‘Anywhere’ which featured Jisu Park. Then in 2017, expanded into Japanese TV as a guest in ‘News na futari’. September of that year, the single ‘We Are Featuring Zoe’ dropped. In 2018, publications Native Instruments and Sound House ranked Shunichi at #10 in ‘The Next Generation Indie Artist #300 of 2018 in Japan’ segment, as his first EP ‘Anywhere’ was released. There’s just pop but there’s also Shunichi’s eclectic singles that defy convention. The notions of exemplary diversity are woven into his songs and that’s where it thrives.

Creature of Doom – First Day of Spring

A project of from The Dig’s David Baldwin, this pulsing single ‘First Day Of Spring’ comes at a time of great need. THE CREATURE OF DOOM signifies a man, with the best of intentions, and the celebratory angst of just living and getting by, by the collar of your shirt. David calls his new project as: “..a haven for anyone who feels like an outsider. A place to come together for a night out on the town alone.” This debut single amounts to the delicate egos of our days, where the scars of war are deeply embedded into the skins or emotions, just waiting to fly once more. Driven by passion, CREATURES OF DOOM is all of us, and just like all of us, it wins as it loses, it loves as it hates, it cares as it copes with the far flung hesitations in personal hesitations. The MUSE like entry of the song, keeps you hooked. David’s rancor for humor and ‘direct-ness’ keeps you in the store.

Josh Cashman – Colour/Fade

JOSH CASHMAN is dynamic, virtuous, exciting, delectable. Pop and world-music clashes at the juncture of Josh and dutiful perfection. The soaring vocals in ‘Colour/Fade’ is a somber but chic call to love and the fade of the bright shimmer that it once had. Miami-colors fade into gray, how you look at each other, fades into shadow. Everyday, little by little, steps by multiple steps – can this disaster be stopped? Maybe not. Maybe the only thing to do is to recognize the disparity, and accept the fate. And in that justice, both parties can be happy once more? Josh’s fastidiously crisp vocals keeps this single at the forefront of lovers and potential lovers. We can’t stop falling in love. But maybe working to enhance it all, for the better, is all that we can ask of it. We’re just fragile creatures on this world, after all.

Little Sister – Show Suit

LITTLE SISTER’s debut single ‘Show Suit’ drops symmetrically decadent, as can be. ‘Show Suit’ is sexy, delicious, pop framed, but not as obvious as the chic/sexiness explored by Robert Palmer. ‘Show Suit’ though asserting a similar ‘decadence’, it is a more sophisticated allegory for the opposite sex and what they do to us boys and gals at times. Bit more brooding and dark, LITTLE SISTER’s pension for the dramatic is fit in an colorful tone of pastel that shimmers just enough to attract and keep your attention. The 1975, Sundara Karma, The Japanese House, Pale Waves are some of the contemporaries that remind us of LITTLE SISTER, as their bridge in ‘Show Suit’ kills us metaphorically (It is jus to die for). Classic, rock, pop, roll seamlessly into the fabric of LITTLE SISTER, which creates memorable tensions of ecstasy. Though ‘Show Suit’ is a small glimpse into the ‘highs & lows’ of a performer and seems not to have anything to do with the will of any boy/girl relationship, the vibe of such premise is oddly inescapable. Well at least to us. In either case, the song exudes charm and chic sex appeal, no matter how you cut it.


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