EVA B. ROSS Reminisces And Fights The Good Fight With Her Emotions in ‘Nick’s House’.

Driven by the soul that drips as decadently down the tree of emotions and hard fought human interactions, EVA B. ROSS latest single ‘Nick’s House’ attempts to tame the brilliantly lit colors of the past, commingling, corporeally and easily with the modern.

It’s as if something that was lost had been FOUND again. It’s the silent celebration of that little moment; the inner palpitation of the fluttering heart muscles, to the warm generation of the glistening sweat, indicating such happiness.

With a jazz residency and poetry training under her belt, she pursued her own singing ambitions during her time at UCLA (University of California Los Angeles) during the Spring Sing event. There she debuted her original single ‘Chicago’. In the past iterations of the festival, stars like Sara Bareilles and Maroon 5 participated. And from here, you can say, there was only one road to take.

‘Nick’s House’ is Eva’s 2nd single from her upcoming debut Ep (due end of 2018).

Eva’s vocals is perfection in this studio produced single. All the key requisites to each emotional points are undoubtedly marked, recognized, and highlighted by the jazzy, soul atmosphere created.

Silence is deserved by the on-looker when Eva sings, for nothing else can compliment her more completely when she lays bare her emotions during this presentation.



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