Eva B. Ross Shares ‘Subliminal’. “It’s not too late. We all should know this. Accept it.”

EVA B. ROSS comes with a gentle thrust and vibrancy for the goodness of what songwriting can promise a soul. It’s the promise of healing. It’s the promise of becoming one with your inner hazards. It’s all about the possibilities of improving and moving forward.

But it’s that overarching lesson that it’s okay to look back some and to reminisce the good days, and of the bad. The percolating innocence has passed, but the impressions of which could be guarded much better as we all grow older in biology, and more mature in our mental capacities.

It’s not too late.

We all should know this.

Accept it.

Then of course, smile and move on.

Eva is a purveyor of such vibes. And in ‘Subliminal’ she digs deep into a ‘surface’ issue of bing in a crush and ‘pinch’ of love, to illustrate such ‘foolish’ acts of self that harms, but one only.

“I wrote this song about the subliminal messaging that happens early in dating,” stated Eva. “When you have a crush on someone, and you listen to their playlists and hope they’re trying to tell you something. It’s a fun little thing, before anything becomes real- and everything is still possible…”

Hurts, scars, but it builds on the goodness of you. A skyscraper of strength can overlook that city of YOU.


Eva is an uber talented songwriter, with lyrical intuitions that are grand, pretty, obscure, Universal, and delightful. They touch with a gentle whimper, but dictates much effect and outcome to the listener.

Well, at least it did, us.

Living in the long and bountiful line of songwriters like Stella Donnelley, Maggie Rogers, Angel Olsen, Sara Bareilles, Colbie Caillat, Eva is on a unique path and we dig it so.

Keep on looking for more from this fab artist.



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