Eva-Lina Shares ‘Like A Girl’. “She’s come this far. She’ll make it, her way.”

Can you fall in love with an ‘attitude’? In short (to answer our own question), the answer is YES. At least if the context belongs to EVA-LINA (Ebba Evelina Hellgren) and her debut single ‘Like A Girl’.

Fire burns with strength and magnetism though this single, as he Sweden originating songstress, struts into new audiences around the world.

We at CHF love stories that percolate like EVA-LINA’s story. And when she offers devastatingly delicious singles like this, we often wonder, “where had she been?”

With PINK-like subterfuge and Tov Lo-like aura (even through the speakers), we feel if everything lines up, we are witnessing a birth of a big player in the pop world.

In ‘Like A Girl’ the anthem celebrates the power of women. The song is a calling out of belittling of women, seen through the eyes of a female producer in the music industry. “I hear people say you have to be like a man in this industry and I find that offensive…I am going to be me, I am a women and that is strong”.

EVA-LINA doesn’t need the negativity near. She’s a talented, smart, and ambitious gal, who’d promised to give it her all.

But most importantly, that promise is to herself, and not another ‘man’ in her professional or personal life.

She’s come this far. She’ll make it, her way.

Fall in love with her attitude.

Do it.



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