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Evan Bartels Shares ‘Lula’ Off Of The ‘Hat Trick is an in-studio concert series’ EP.

Rendered to a puddle of a man, he sat on that creaky bed, in that flea-bitten motel at the end of the city of despair. The walls seemed too gray for the room he’d rented. But who cares, he thought, as he felt his life crumbling around him, with weeping of his cries, streaming down his wind-worn cheeks.

He missed her already. And he was hungry for her touch again. Even her gaze, within his vicinity was warmth enough to satisfy his loneliness. He had never realized how much he needed her, how much she was a part of him, how much he wasn’t, without her making him complete.

He was not complete. A big piece of the puzzle was missing now. A hollow plain, with echoes of a happier past, lived in his heart.

His life was rendered to a shadow of a man – once proud, now empty and rudderless.

The walls seemed too gray for the room he’d rented.

The tears never seemed to stop.

EVAN BARTELS‘ single ‘Lula’ is from the 3 track EP ‘Hat Trick Sesh’ name (Hat Trick is an in-studio concert series). The heartfelt expressions of Evan is a feeling of old world maturation that is remarkable and insanely moving. His gentile and fathomable baritone vocals, is smooth with empathy as its main source of light. Inside each word, there lies a truth of sorts, relegating story telling, to an art form that is beautiful to witness.

Originating from Tobias, Nebraska, Evan grew up second of 4 kids, under a musically inclined family, interested him early and profoundly.

The 25 year old is a star, who has a paint brush as large as the Galaxy.

We can’t wait to experience more, and more.

His latest album ‘Promised Land’ is available now.



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