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Evan Castle & the Southern Tier // Cowboy Meets Pirate // The Sweet Serenades // Kafka Tamura // Jacob Wright

Julia Hoenemann

Evan Castle & the Southern Tier – Drunk as Hell

Relocating to Nashville 3 years ago, the musician took to solidify his music and its offerings. “The industry town provided a needed creative spark allowing him to collaborate with other artists and develop his writing.” And after those years, he’s come back to the basics of the kind of songs that were played at the local bars back in Upstate New York. The raw writing to the raw acoustics, his creative urges pushed him for more satisfaction. The band returned home to Western New York to record “Drunk as Hell.” Although the song is a more stripped down version of the band than listeners have heard on prior releases, the same haunting revery remains. Evan’s latest project is a form of another expression that only Evan knows is in existence. The Appalachia Upstate New York raised son-of-a-gun artist is enduring in his procurement for the best in notes.

Cowboy Meets Pirate – Bad Girls, Rock ‘N’ Roll and Whiskey

“The song was inspired by 80s arena rock. All the fundamentals were put in with a modern twist. Big Vocal chorus, energetic feel, catchy guitar riffs and all. Some people say ‘Sex drugs and rock n roll’, we say; Bad girls rock n roll and whiskey.” All the greats did it from that era of hair-metal bands. Warrant, Cinderella, Motley Crue, Poison, Guns n’ Roses, etc – balls to the wall, guitar power chords flowing through the air like they just didn’t care, and hair teased gals on all sides. That’s where Cowboy Meets Pirate’s latest single does and does so well. From build to hooks to solo to the triumphant payoff, ‘Bad Girls, Rock ‘N’ Roll and Whiskey’ has it all, and then some. The song isn’t just an homage to a grand ol’ past, but it moves the needle forward, while looking back at the fun that must have been. The Montreal, Quebec based Cowboy Meets Pirate kicks it like they mean it.

The Sweet Serenades – Out of Time

Originally The Sweet Serenades was formed by Martin Nordvall and Mathias Näslund. Mathias left the band in 2014 and The Sweet Serenades have since then been a one man band, since. But the Stockholm based solo act delivers with palpable touches of nostalgic big sounds, draped in love, and all that good stuff that is missing from our daily lives. Martin Nordvall’s project will drop its upcoming album ‘City Lights’ early 2020, and indicated by the understated aggression of this single ‘Out Of Time’, there is something a’brewing and the storm that will be, will reveal some greatness from Martin’s latest work. ‘Out Of Time’ is produced by Swedish producer Johannes Berglund (Fever Ray, Shout out Louds), and it’s Swedish pop with big emotions and “Arena Indie for small clubs”. It’s a beautiful offering from Martin and his project.

Kafka Tamura – I Know I Know

On October 18th, Kafka Tamura’s newest EP ‘Berlin’ will be released. ‘I Know I Know’ is about letting go of someone who’s not good for you. It’s important to realise when you’re being taken for granted and to challenge it. Emma Bradshaw and Gabriel Häuser heads into many horizons with this beautifully sung pop offering. The Kafka Tamura identity is clearly as resonant on stage as it is on record, with Emma’s voice carefully weaving between sharp beats and raw electronics. They undoubtedly live, breathe and play with a ‘no boundaries’ ethos, taking even their band name from the protagonist of the surrealist Japanese novel ‘Kafka On The Shore’ by Haruki Murakami. Thoughtful, vigilent, dilligent, and grand, the duo produces sultry vibes that take into account many layers, exposed into simple tunes of heft and substance.

Jacob Wright – Lay Me Down

Jacob Wright’s method of writing is poignant and contextually full and vibrant. With mahogany troubadour vibes cutting through the tales of life untold, ‘Lay Me Down’ crinkles with pride and energy of the best kind. In vibrance of Bear’s Den, with the causal enticement of Roy Orbison, the Americana offering delivers with taught grandeur and revelry in words. Jacob said: “This track is about coming to grips with your true nature, even at the cost of extreme change. Over all, I believe this is a much more rewarding way to live. Not to mention 100 percent necessary for a creative like myself.” Beautifully selected words, style of delivery in tone, and the magnificently soaring imaginations of the heart, cling at our wanting emotions and doesn’t let go.


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