Evan Castle & The Southern Tier ‘Hazel Eyes’ : Love. Affection. Lust. Passion.

Evan Castle & The Southern Tier

Real lyricism and rockin’ grooves, makes this song brilliantly shroud you in that good ol’ vibes. From tones of southern rock to pop installments in harmonies, the engaging vocals of Evan, highlights in grandeur throughout the single.

Evan’s latest project is a form of another expression that only Evan knows is in existence. The Appalachia Upstate New York raised son-of-a-gun artist is enduring in his procurement for the best in notes. His music in this latest version, instigates with thought provoking beauty, only the daring and the lovers of love can admire.

Relocating to Nashville 3 years ago, the musician took to solidify his music and its offerings. “The industry town provided a needed creative spark allowing him to collaborate with other artists and develop his writing.”

And after those years, he’s come back to the basics of the kind of songs that were played at the local bars back in Upstate New York. The raw writing to the raw acoustics, his creative urges pushed him for more satisfaction.

Get into the works of Evan Castle & The Southern Tier. Grant Bell, Evan Castle and Sven TK Powter are your gateway to that rockin’ heaven.


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