Evan Uhlmann ‘Dying Again’ : Tapping into some of that spirit.

Evan Uhlmann

The first single off the new album, “Dying Again”, is also the first song he wrote for the album. Although it’s a song about experiencing moments over again, the chorus’s message is quite positive. “It’s alright now, I think I’m dying again” (one of Evan’s favorite lyrics from the album) is described by Evan as not the end of things, but more so the transition into something else.

Singer-songwriter Evan Uhlmann explores metaphysical realms and the growing pains of getting older.

Recorded with his brother, Gregory Uhlmann and co-producer Tim Carr, Tea Lady was made in studios, homes, and garages over the course of 3 years. It’s an album of searching and seeking. Looking around for answers and realizing that they can only be found inside oneself. This searching led Evan to move from Chicago to New York to Los Angeles and back to Chicago to realize the beauty of his home city. The songs are more questions than answers. Meditations on past lives, other realms of existence, and coming of age.

“The writing and recording of Tea Lady was a very organic process,” producer Gregory Uhlmann explained. “It was special to work with my brother collaboratively again. It’s something we did naturally as kids and it felt like we were tapping into some of that spirit of childlike discovery once again with this album.”


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