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EVELYN DRACH Shares ‘Predator & Prey’. “You Might Get Cut. Put Back That Dagger.”

EVELYN DRACH makes storytelling (especially with the audible realm) an experience that asks the right questions to many answers of the heart, the emotions, and life (in general) salient and poignant. The answers to those niggling thoughts in your brain ends that ‘conversation’. But when questions are born – boy, they open a pandora’s box of even more proximity of inquiries we couldn’t have identified.

Evelyn is an artist, draped in satin curtains, embroidered in ornamental daggers, strung 6 inches apart, from top to side.

Be careful, you might get cut from those instruments of human decadence.

Be careful, of the examination of the flesh, and of the mind.

Be careful, of that utter intolerance of petulant souls, intermingled in life’s net.

How would it feel to dig that one, yes, that red dagger into your damaged being – indirectly taking revenge for the injustice you’d been put through by the Universe, this world, your environment, your lover.

Weep, as you’d always wanted to.

Then rise again. Put back that dagger, utilize it for your benefit, and fitness.

Be strong now.

Storytelling always needs a bit of ‘gravity’. It’s an element and tool for communicating in the right way to the audience who want you to dazzle them. And it all starts from Evelyn’s vocals – headstrong, dominant, purposeful – it evokes the vibe that is necessary and desired for her next craft.

Go on.

Go on that journey with Evelyn, and for a little while, sink deep into that sand of time.

Hold on to her hand and don’t let go.

Look for Evelyn’s full length album (via vinyl) sometime in 2019.



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